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I'm an art student that paints anything and everything, both with oils and digitally. Requests are always welcome and commisions are gladly taken!


I love this fanart, but I don’t even know who made it… *sigh*

~~Credits goes to the artist.

I made this.  A long time ago.  When I sucked.

So while you’re waiting for a finished drawing, I thought maybe some people might be interested in seeing a WIP photo.  I’m a traditional artist that just got into digital this year, and I have had a lot of formal training, especially with figure drawing, so I draw in a fairly traditional manner.  Gestures and bones first.  Worry about the outline only after everything is figured out.  Then I color.  And yes, I use Paint Tool SAI, it’s just magical. :)

I made the gestures faint here so you could see what the heck was going on. 

uh oh starting to see my art on my own dash.  I guess that means I need to get my butt into gear working on these next posts :D  I’ll have something within a few days. So excited to share!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past few weeks.  I’ve started many things but have finished nothing.  I’ve been having a hard time coming by inspiration and have been very busy.  Hopefully I’ll have something up in the next week though.  

I really want to thank my new followers!  You guys seriously are awesome :) 

Two new followers today :)  Here is your gift.

Thor is still not sure if want.

This has been sitting on my computer for a month or two so I’ve decided to finally suck it up, stop worrying about the details, and put it on here.

This is Egyptian Loki.  This was kind of a “first draft” type of thing, to see if I like the idea of him blended into the ancient Egyptian culture.  I have a few others of this same theme that I’m working on right now :)

(yes I posted this a few days ago but forgot my name on it so here it is) 

 ”This is where you belong, here, under me.”

So this has been sitting on my computer, unfinished, since the movie came out almost a month ago.  There has been a recent influx of awesome art on my dash which motivated me to finally get to work on this.  There will be a color (and more polished) version later.

NSFW after cut!

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I have some new followers this week! Including a uh…food blog. 

I love every single one of my followers! I’m a traditional artist with charcoals and paints and inks and all of that, so doing work with a tablet is difficult and new to me. I’m not entirely confident in my work I put on here, especially compared to my traditional work, so every reblog, like, and new follower is greatly appreciated. *happy tear*

So some nice anon did a fill for my prompt over on norsekink!  Ya’ll should go read it.

Hit the click through for awesome story time.